Individuals at the heart of our company philosophy

“The company serves its employees as much as employees serve their company.” Based on personal enrichment and reciprocal respect, this statement made by our founder sums up our company culture perfectly. Across the board, these goals are shared by everyone within the company. Founded on respect and consideration, this commitment makes Groupe Atlantic an innovative company in thermal comfort. Focused on renewable energy, we recognize the energy and environmental challenges at play and provide unwavering direction toward sustainable comfort. We care about sustainable development, and likewise nurturing our employees is paramount.

Arnaud Rollin

Group Human Resources Director

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“The company serves the employee, just as the employee serves the company.” This quotation from our founder perfectly sums up our company’s culture, based on personal enrichment and mutual respect.

From a global perspective, these objectives are therefore shared by everyone. This commitment, based on respect and consideration for others, makes GROUPE ATLANTIC an innovative company in the field of thermal comfort. Our focus on renewable energies helps us meet energy and environmental challenges, allowing us to express in concrete terms the idea of sustainable comfort.

And our concern for sustainable development means that we give the highest priority to the long-term development of our colleagues.